The Benefits of Hiring a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist


Just like you would not consider going to get a serious operation from a doctor that does not have the proper credentials, choosing your bankruptcy attorney should be no different. You legal representative should be held to the same rigorous standards. Going through bankruptcy can be a life-changing experience, and you want to know that your financial future is in good hands.

Why should I hire a Board Certified attorney for my case?

Lawyers, like other professionals, may choose to develop their knowledge around one specific area of law, gaining further knowledge in this selected area of law. When a lawyer wants to set themselves apart from other legal professionals and provide a superior level of service to clients, they may choose to become specialized in their area of practice.

An attorney that has become a Board Certified consumer bankruptcy specialist has proven dedication to representing an individual debtor as opposed to a business.

In order to become certified in consumer bankruptcy, the attorney must meet the following:

  • Complete a day-long written examination covering general law, legal ethics, and questions specific to their area of law
  • Provide professional references proving their experience and dedication to bankruptcy law
  • Complete 60 hours of continuing legal education over the course of 3 years
  • Participated in 30 consumer bankruptcy matters with no more than 5 of the same kind
  • Prove that 30% of total legal practice time in the prior 3 years was devoted to bankruptcy matters
  • Practiced bankruptcy law for 400 or more hours in the past three years
  • Be in good standing in all the states in which they are licensed to practice law

For an attorney to become board certified, they must have prior bankruptcy law experience, be constantly seeking to update their knowledge, have integrity, be subjected to peer review, and be well-versed in their specific area of law. Not every lawyer can do this, which is what makes Board Certified bankruptcy attorneys stand out from the rest.

A lawyer that has gone through the rigorous process to become board certified shows that they have an advanced level of skill in this legal matter. For a person that is seeking to rebuild their life by filing for bankruptcy, hiring an attorney that does not possess the expansive skill set that a Board Certified attorney does may not be worth the risk.

If you are filing for bankruptcy, you deserve for your future to be in the best hands possible. Proven by extensive testing and validation from legal peers, the board certified consumer bankruptcy specialists at The Law Office of Mark B. French are here for your bankruptcy case. Give our firm a call today!

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