Bankruptcy in Texas


If you have chosen to pursue the process of bankruptcy, you will need to first understand the different chapters of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are the most common options for individual debtors. No matter which form of bankruptcy you pursue, you will need to fulfill the requirement set forth in the 2005 Bankruptcy Act. Under the act, all debtors who file bankruptcy need to perform credit counseling within six months before filing. They will also need to take the means test to determine if they qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The official bankruptcy process for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is then started by itemizing all current income sources. Once the information is gathered, our Bedford bankruptcy attorney can help you determine what property is exempt based on the Texas exemptions. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy process begins with the proposal of a repayment plan. If you need assistance with the bankruptcy process, you can get more information and legal help from our attorney at The Law Office of Mark B. French.

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